Southern California Pump Paintball Team

Kamandag (kah-mahn-DAHG) is a Tagalog word and translates to "venom" in English. The team's mascot is the Philippine Cobra. Philippine Cobras are famously used by snake charmers for entertainment and infamously known to have a fatal venomous bite. The Philippine Cobra is also known for having the ability to spit, or shoot out, its venom; reaching victims about three meters away.

When playing against Team Kamandag on the paintball field, beware of our snake-side. Many unsuspecting players have felt the sting from our snake players. Along with our snake players, our team uses speed, stealth, and stunning moves to make deadly precise strikes on our opponents.

Team Kamandag
appreciates the game style of pump paintball action. It allows us to get the most bang for the buck, have lots of fun, and get a good challenge to step up our game. Try playing pump against semis and you'll know how it feels. Pump style is Team Kamandag style.

Jerry Gurka


John Valdez

Leo De los Reyes


Kenneth Eslava

Armando Cuevas

Teeka "Joe" Masermsim

Mikey Ma'a

John Garcia

Jay Melendres

Mitch Reyes

Wesley Hoover

Blake Kekaimalu Long

Aries Namocatcat